(EP2)蓝草的一生?蓝印花布的一生?还是李子柒花裙子的一生?The life of blue calico dresses hand-dyed by Li Ziqi? 丨Liziqi Channel


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    You're very amazing lady. U can do everything by urself. Your living style is always I wanted to live. I can't find words to say how amazing you are. Love u from Myanmar.

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    I love all you make.

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    I am touch for her lov & care for her granny. That her greatest asset & my salute to her. I know it is not easy to take care an old lady especially when she is weak & slow in future. ( My mum in law passed away at the age of 102) . Be patience when she grow older & more forget ful & weak ( I hope po po have a healthy life forever). Ms Li , you are everyone inspiration & hope you to have a good & happy life.

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    I give all the positive energy I have to maintain that style of life wich is the correct one

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    What are you using to clean your teeth?

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    Can somebody explain how she has so many skills?

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    محدش يا جماعة شاف أوببباح أو يعرف هي راحت فين؟؟؟ - أوبببباح؟؟

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    子柒妳太棒了,太完美了。 非常有才,又美麗。 家裡人都好喜歡妳的視頻。

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    子柒,謝謝妳努力保存中華文化。阿彌陀佛 六時吉祥🙏

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    Izumi ReinaBulan Yang lalu IDmilk: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" IDmilk: BE GONE однако я люблю таких рыбаков

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    Liziqi I Love You ❤️❤️❤️

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    Nice touch at the very end when her drawn image of the girl came out of her real image.

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    Liziqi... you are a brilliant woman. very capable. I have watched you from the beginning.. so I know your story. you have done it with honor. I am seeing channels now that are calling you a lie and fake.. and that was inevitable. you must ignore the naysayers and continue what you are doing. I admonish you to not allow fame to change you.. but to stay the true spirit you are.. money comes and money goes.. but a good place in ourselves .. money cannot buy. I bless you with the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.. my personal Savior and my companion through this life.. and I ask him to watch over you and to keep your path straight. one day.. he may call you to know him. I pray you receive that blessing and grace.

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    There is just one that is Sublime that’s our Creator Who had destined us to rule on his throne with him! But we rebelled and chose instead to side with Satan We fell from grace, we ruined our world and lives with sin In spite of our insult, the wickedness we showed God made a plan that speaks of his great love… There is just one that is Sublime, that’s our Creator For though we rejected him, he is still willing to forgive There is just One that is Sublime: our Holy Father. Who sent his Son, his only Son he loves above all. Sent him to die in this world for us sinners… To reconcile all those who love him with Himself. tore his heart within when he saw how we treated Him A billion tears came running out of grief… There is just One that is Sublime: our Holy Father… For though we killed his Son, he is still willing to forgive

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    there is no god but Allah subhanallah

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