The life of purple rice, pumpkins, and … peanuts紫米南瓜的一生…,还有花生丨Liziqi Channel


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    Jesus is the only way! believe! God bless us all~

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    Imádtam minden percet. I loved every minute.

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    Any indians or Tamilans here 🙋❤️

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    Saya suka dri indonesia

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    I love it

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    Can anyone give her a Michelin Star plz!

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    আমাৰ অসমৰ ছোৱালীবোৰে এনেদৰে কাম কৰাহেতেন অসমখন সলনি হৈ গ'লহেতেন।

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    Hey me gusto ese jueguito con los palitos de ziczal

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    The best cuisine I’ve ever seen!

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    You r really great mam... 👏Thease vedios r awesome.. 👌 great nature lover🌿🌾🌻🐱🐶.... No words about you🙃

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    There’s no hungers in the world when one is capable of planting seeds

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    This is better than therapy.

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    Loves from kerala💜❤

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    I am VIET NAM ( mình là người VIET NAM) l love LÝ TU THAT channel Liziqi 🥰🥰🥰🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳🇻🇳

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    Ada yg dri indonesia ga?

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    Her: literally waking up everyday cooking, cleaning etc Me: doing homework for 5 minutes then taking a 3 hour brake

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    She is incredible and i love grandma, she is adorable too.

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    вот такая нужна жена

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    Why do I get so emotional?

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    Good liziqi

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    Такой бабе и муж не нужен.

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    She's Really Beautifull....

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    Purple rice n chest nuts are my favourites, until I see this video I don't know how they are harvested.. thanks for this girl.. I am a singaporean I eat a lot of Chinese stuff but no clue how they are made.. thanks to Liziqi. I am an Indian!

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    &/^£، $&؟ $$؟ ()^=

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    Bếp lò of Thất xưa bằng đất sét nay lên xi măng r.

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    Eu vi...

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    liziqi makati ung palay aq nakakamot. 🥰

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    She's an empress in her paradise why it seems so pure when she move to the hard task its like so naturally she's not saying any word she don't seem stress she's so strong well disciplined I wonder if she had a suitor or she would like to be a dedicated monk And it would be nice if Gordon Ramsey see her the way she prepare those delicious dishes

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    No lack or want or starvation with busy hands n brains.Don't limit God's blessings!!!

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    Can anyone please tell me which background track is this?

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    Какие ЗАМЕЧАТЕЛЬНЫЕ ВИДЕО ! Умиротворяют !!! Спасибо !

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    Rita safitri lizigi

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    I like you

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    I love you lizigi

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    that perfect

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    It’s exciting to see how Liziq lives 🙌🏼✨ The dedication, your skills, the spiritual energy involved. Very beautiful ✨

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    Plzz do your home tour

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    I can't believe 😭

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    Red & Black Dress in You're Very Beautiful Looking

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    In Indonesia, they are called 'tape ketan'

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    Cina memang hebat dr segala hal

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    Descreve em português como você faz esta bola para germinar? Qual o composto que forma a bola?

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    Không hiểu tập này vì lý do gì mà lại phải che cả mặt anh chị mình nhỉ?

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    She is the most talented person ever!!! i salute i'm a avid fan from philippines!!!

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    Wow keren bari lihat wanita macam begini diyoutube

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    sugan teh jalingkak 😆😀

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    this girl is amazing.

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    Аллахым маган осындай омир буйыртшы

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    Super sister

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    Eu amo vc liziqi

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    Amazing girl 👧 I love your food and your presentation keep it up, your husband must be very lucky to get a wife like you.

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    We should thankful to her grandma and grandpa for raising a wonderful woman like her

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    Wow. . .

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    Love from india to liziqi💗,Best of luck 👍

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    Is she real? Wow!

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    I watched it again, and loved it again, July 2021

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    Hạnh phúc là đây .

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    Adorei o vídeo, lindo!!!

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    Thank y'all so much dearest 🌹 Y'all such an inspiration 🥰 Appreciate y'all from the bottom of my heart 💖 Be Blissful Eternally 🙏👼🌈

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    Fabulous & fascinating 👏👏

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    When a woman living without a man...she's going more stronger and innovative...I proud of this girl...sorry I'm watching it from Indonesia...❤

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    Such hard working are a great inspiration.Thanks.

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    Amazing lady 💖

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    purple rice itu seperti ketan hitam ya ?

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    What are the purple leaves chucked in at 20 minutes? I’m very interested to learn about other cultures plants especially edible ones.

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    紫苏 Perilla frutescens(L.)Britt. perilla frutescens crispa

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    amé la primera imagen del video, es hermoso!

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    Very clever girl; very proud of you, what ever you do is very success, admire you, wonderful sweetheart. Love you sooooooooo much loveeeee.

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    Mantap jiwa

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    Love the fact that I'm seeing a lot of plants tht i didn't know was edible Like this one here 16:02 i thought that it's just a decorative plant, cuz I've never seen anyone use this for cooking

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    허현석8 hari yang lalu China is operating this channel falsely.

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    Very Nice

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    I ❤️ U Liziqi

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    My daughter always telling me ' i wanted to be like her' ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Вот, китайцы живут хорошо, кушают от пуза плоды своего труда. Это очень хорошо, потому -, что нация китайцев имеет устойчивое развитие. Я очень прошу Бога, чтобы он тоже дал нам свободу мудрости, которая обеспечит наше процветание....

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    You are a very hard worker . God bless you and give you strenght ❤

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    You are my happiness When I'm sad or tired I've watched your channel, I'm very happy.