“The life of rapeseed oil”《菜籽油的一生》之*钵钵鸡,蛋黄酥,油焖笋,咸蛋黄小龙虾)哈!哈!丨Liziqi Channel


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    Juli 2021 indonesia

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    I want my wife like you,, you are so talented for cooking

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    comment freedoms with me

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    Planting,harvesting,cooking..... This woman proves that nothing is impossible as long as you work hard for it...Patience is at must!!...❤

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    MABUHAY 🇵🇭🇵🇭 keep on inspiring me to upload countryside life videos. greetings from the Philippine countryside ❤️❤️❤️

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    I like the way you shocked ms. Liziqi HAHAHAHA

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    I like ur all vdo. lovely ❤️😘😘😘

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    Good food

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    At the end, grandma said the sticky rice is likely to take away my teeth

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    Where is this idyllic Eden? Dinner could be so beautiful.

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    Video của cô ấy quá tuyệt vời 👍😍👏

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    I really do adore you, Ms. Liziqi. You're such an inspiration.

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    Would love to know the name of all of the plants and ingredients she is using.

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    Beautiful video

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    Cvp traduisez moi en français le mot rapeseed

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    Je veux la traduction du mot rapeseed

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    自然農法=>無農薬、無肥料、無除草剤。1年物有機肥料是CO2的N2O 300倍地球温暖化 有机肥料用从4年到5年成熟是解毒

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    Nice video....

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    1trieu 500tram duoc .hop ly khong toi can 3 len tien cai

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    1trieu 500 tram khong duoc ha .hay la 5trieu ha .de toi cho may ba an cho da

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    Hon qua ta noi roi .lay nhu vay con nhe tay do hay muon nanh tay ho 3 ba

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    why did you tell them that you are pregnant with my baby?

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    As you are.

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    Your Grandma is the sweetest little person. And very kind. GB

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    Fantastische Videos! Die Besten in der ganzen Welt! Eine Schönheit, die alles kann! Zauberhafte Natur, super Zuhause, klasse Rezepte! Excellent!

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    Thank y'all so much dearest 🌹 Y'all such an inspiration 🥰 Appreciate y'all from the bottom of my heart 💖 Be Blissful Eternally 🙏👼🌈

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    Có rất nhiều ngừoi ước được ăn 1 bữa của Liziqi nấu

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    Beautiful video! She is fairy coming down earth.

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    Did you also make the tool for separating rapeseed in the video?

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    Her vids were so serene and it always reminds me of Studio Ghibli. She is like a real life character from Studio Ghibli.

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    I like her wooden bowls simply and very useful in kitchen.

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    Is it grape seed oil? I think the tittle is abit odd

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    Seeds of Rape Flowers.

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    This is a good

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    I love animals, fruits and herbs

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    Amo todo lo que haces, no se ingles y me gustaría saber deque se trata toda esa comida. Activen los subtitulo por fabor.

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    Yo veo esto mientras hago tarea, lo recomiendo es 100% relajante :"³👌

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    9:17 what is the name of the purple flower?

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    Cô gái tài giỏi cái gì cũng làm được ❤️❤️

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    definitely worth watching!

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    I really love your vlog because it's worth watching.. I learned a lot of Chinese recipes, but some i couldn't cook here in the Philippines because of the availability of some certain ingredients... V u again in the next vlog lizqui... Keep safe.. God bless you 🙏👍👏❤️🙋‍♀️

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    All she does is toil, lift, haul, cook, chop, rush around all day. Then she wades through mud, carts, rips, chips and pulls vegetation. This is just hard work. I fail to see the attraction of this type of living.

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    True. But our ancestors lived their lives like this, we do not have to live like this anymore but the memories are precious.

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    Her dialects blend so nicely with the beautiful scenery. I understand only a fraction of her dialect, therefore am not distracted nor aided by the dialogue to understand the story. The video speaks itself to viewers of the world. Utterly brilliant.

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    Que ponga en español que ingredientes usa para elaborar los platillos

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    Simply.. wonderful.

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    Waoo it's great job never give up Sister

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    She is a wonder food women in this planet .. every thing was espectecular .. keep it up we want to know more about chinese food ..

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    0397 075 347

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    She really needs to make a cook book I would buy one if it was in english as I am to old to learn another language, lol

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    Acabei muito lindo seu trabalho moça vc é uma grande guerreira!! Deus te abençoe sempre. Assisti todos seus pratos colinario parabéns pra vc..👏👏👏👏👏😍♥️

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    I really enjoy watching these videos . But I don't like to see animals kept in cages or tied up. The rest is perfect. So peaceful and inviting. Love from Chile.

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    love from Nepal always ❤️🇳🇵

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    Bei uns sind Liziqi's Videos als "kommunistische Gräuelpropaganda" gelistet, ich schaue sie mir trotzdem gern an. Bin ein Fan, sehr entspannend.

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    Di indonesia ada petani cantik gini auto viral😁😀

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    Does anyone know what those cone things are that she plucks from the ground and cooks ? I see her cooking them in a lot of her other video's. I stumbled across her channel on accident and can't stop watching. I love nature and cooking so this channel is right up my alley. I lost my sweet 1 yr old dog pet Husky yesterday, I know I have to grieve but this channel has been so soothing for my soul. Make sure you tell your love ones you love them. Blessings!!

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    Her garden has mostly everything, except coconut/palm trees

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    True. Sichuan province snows every winter.

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    Cai do giong nhu la mat ong do Nhu no la dau an ma

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    Em cai do dau an qhai kh em

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    Toi biet tu luc thanh trong lam day roi nghe .tao kh noi den nghe

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    Kieu gia noi xau hoi bi lau roi do bao voi chi qhi noi voi bot ho gium di nghe

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    Liziqi super well done

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    She prepared 15 different varieties of food at last only 2 people to eat ..... that's crazy 🤪

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    Don’t forget the camera man and his assistant . Usually they four / five eat together, not on every video though.

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    2:00 XD i know this is supposed to be a relaxing video but that goose screamed like he was terrified the leaves!

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    Em yeu sang an cai gi . Gio em chum bi di an com chua ha em

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    Co 2 con re hut cua chong con gai ut chu tich

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    boundary beautiful live with any dreams

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    The present mulan❤️❤️❤️