The life of taro…and pepper is today’s treat 芋头的一生,辣椒…是送的丨Liziqi Channel


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    She lied about the food of another country's fighting king as her own

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    فعلا احسن رفقة الجدة الحنونة والازهار خاصة اذا كانت وردية والتربه اه رائحة التربة خاصة اذا كانت من وديان بلادي الكبيرة لحد الان اشتاق ان اجعل تربة موطن الانبياء واقول لها انت من سارت عليك اقدام الأنبياء

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    Iwish live with you

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    from Mars

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    Lo más lindo que todo lo comparte con la anciana.

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    Hi your videos is amazing😍 l can see your videos everyone is instructions 😍💯💯😍

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    I had trouble planting flowers around my front yard because we kept encountering earthworms.

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    I'm tc

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    Bộ phim duy nhất ,hay nhất mà tôi từng xem .chỉ 1 diễn viên chính ,không diễn , không kịch bản, không lời thoại

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    Wonderful view ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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    Wait a sec how does she kill the chickens when their heads are still on ? Btw, the video: GODLIKE!

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    @Darian West so she must be doing that then since there is npt even a scratch on the chicken after she plucks it...

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    Some people will grab the chicken by it’s neck and swing it around in quick circles. Its supposed to break it’s neck and kill it, but from what I hear it’s hard to do.

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    Wow you are so amazing 😲😉👌

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    Ngu rơi dung dong thoi ngu di

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    From China

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    The best

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    waiting for the english subtitles to the Life of... series

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    Nice video

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    Każdy, kolejny Pani odcinek, jest dla mnie wielką inspiracją w zawodzie projektowania. Bardzo dziękuję. Serdeczne pozdrowienia z Polski.

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    Thank y'all so much dearest 🌹 Y'all such an inspiration 🥰 Appreciate y'all from the bottom of my heart 💖 Be Blissful Eternally 🙏👼🌈

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    I just come see one video.... and after 2 hours I'm still watching hers videos... nice.

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    grandma has good luck to have such a kind and loving grandkid.

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    Love your work and presentation, I am awed❤️

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    What are those vegetables at 6:03? They look kind of like a mix between garlic and onions but I haven't been able to find them on the internet anywhere

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    @Darian West I thought it looked like garlic! Thank you, now I can die happy haha

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    Darian West

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    I figured out what it is! It’s called single clove solo garlic.

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    When another Chinese IDmilkr distributed the channel, the Chinese government caught her and sent her to prison. But I wonder why this IDmilkr isn't getting caught.

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    Какая она трудолюбивая👍👍👍👍❤❤❤

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    I get so excited when she starts making the food! Everything always looks so good!

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    Love those beautiful hands ... The dirt and roughness expresses the hard work it goes through and genuinity. ✌️✨💜

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    Yummy...I’m hungry 😋

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    Anyone has the titles in this video? Thank you

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    when you want to make your own garden... but you cannot cause you got no land

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    Me encantan los videos de cocina de los chino o japoneses vueno por asi decirlo porque no se dis tingirlos

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    Ella es China

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    Hii. Li. You are very hardworking woman in the world. I can't explain her any word for you. You are very motivat in life. Love you liziqi. 🇮🇳🇮🇳💕💕

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    Hi. I really impress 😊 your videos..your place..ur working days..every day I saw ur videos..again ur videos r amazing

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    Wow, nice, beautiful. How many International friend, I want to see them.

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    How many Indians are here?

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    A girl full of life, strong, capable and hard-working

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    Beautiful simple life,

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    I love this woman, what she does...she has a lot of energy, and sweetness. I would like to be there, help her, and learn from her. She has so much knowledge.🥀🌼😍

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    You live in paradise 😍

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    I'm eating with my eyes😂. Love this channel❤

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    i just can't.... everything looks soooooooo delicious🤩 so beautiful, so healthy...and so creative with the dishes!!!... this woman is absolutely amazing. and her life style is the best lifestyle on earth

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    Sangat bagus untuk + ilmu pengetahuan tentang tani&memasak?

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    No english caption.

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    Watching every video of her is a kind of healing, yearning for life

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    This is my dream to have a garden like that 🥲🥲💜💜💜 But i’m bad at cooking so …

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    What a Filial granddaughter she is❣️. She is really a very hardworking and very intelligent girl. She knows how to grow vegetables, carpentry and cooks like s chef. Kudos 👍👍 o to my dear girl. Keep up the good work. God bless.

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    truly a genius! I hope one day I can live like this. just like I wanted from long ago")

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    Pressercooker never used there why,

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    Она просто умница.

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    Its ok, I can become your husband,thank you

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    They live in paradise.

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    Grandma is good at filming and editing 👍

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    What is the purple yam in sauce called? I love sticky rice flour.

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    At some point there has to be other people that help her grow as much as she has, otherwise I could see alot of her hard work going to waste since it is too much for one person to handle.

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    What should I do if I want to be a Chinese man-in-law?

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    쯔쯔 느그문화나 제대로 지키지… ㅠㅠ ㅋ

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    I really like the video of Li Ziqi, the food video

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    Ước gì tôi có con dâu là cô gái này cảm ơn cô đã cho tôi cảm giác thanh thản bình yên trong video của cô.

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    Today I dream of cultivating my father's land but my father does not believe in me. He thinks he will lose his daughter along with his land.🥺🥺🥺🥺😓😓😓😓 everyone's forehead 😬😬😬

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    So​ beautiful​ lady.​ You​ are​ very​ good.

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    So lovely family n so interesting

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    E assim existem himens que não valorizam uma mulher guerreira assim

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    I learned more every video I watch from you. ❤️

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    Sooo beautiful weather 💝💖

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    são 3:36 da manhã e adivinha o que eu tô fazendo

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    Aaaaaaah.... enough now.... im just getting more hungry... watching this...

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    Please my darling girl make a new video.... Miss your simplicity.

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    Не обязательно становиться звездой, одевать красивые шмотки, жить в современном шикарном доме, делать сексуальные снимки в инсте, жить в роскоши, путешествовать, общаться со звёздами, жить только ради себя, стать миллионером чтобы быть счастливой...) Она этому доказательства!)

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    love Lizi

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    Australia ! she has to be classified as a national treasure

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    You are amazing, well done Super Woman.

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    Hard working

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    Geez.. Itni mirchi kaise khaa skta h koi 😭😭😭 I mean this much