The…The Life of Cotton, I promise next time I will come up with a new name of series.


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    What a wonderful women !!! Every man like this kind of women . My girlfriend doesn't know how to wash her hands properly . ====================== RICE (Russia - India - China - Ethiopia) ======================

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    Didi I can't understand your language because that is Japanese or Chinese

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    Didi are you very talented

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    A virtuous Woman. So beautiful, amazing, lovely, and wonderful. Much Blessings to you. Thanks for sharing, Lord-Jesus-Christ com

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    Awww the sleeping dog at the end was so cute.

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    amazing woman!!!!

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    je suis hypnotiser pas ces vidéos d'une telle qualité esthétique, et informative !mais quel régal innégalable !!!

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    Wow it's amazing 🙂 i can't believe ladkine kitni mahenat ki hai very nice...👌👍👏👏

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    I'm not denying this saying it isn't a beautiful video but it isn't a very accurate portrayal of what life in rural china is like all the time life is mostly cleaning up pig excrement and having your back hunched over planting rice but undoubtedly this is beautiful if not romanticised

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    so beautiful your video

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    Such a nice video on how she started from seeds to a full grown cotton plant! and harvesting the cotton. The most interesting is how she made the durvet so intriguing, awesome skills and voila a brand new blanket! Thank you for the this video. Precious and amazing seeing the way life is for the villagers.

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    Hard working

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    She is realy great women.

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    It's very hard work.

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    Me: I wish I could live such a simple and fulfilling life. Also me: I need 10 types of meds before I get out of bed in the morning.

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    I hate being the pessimist but this is quite a romanticised life of rural china

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    funny how she can have a youtube channel when its banned for everyone else in china....

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    Cj này người Trung Quốc hả ta

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    Love it that you always take care of your beloved Grandmother.

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    I think Liz's grandmother used to be like her. I mean wherelese would she have learn all of these right? M sure she learnt all these watching her grandma do them for years.

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    She is really good. And I hope she will get a husband who is so caring and helping in her works. And together they will make so so so beautiful world with flowers, fruits , vegetables, animals. God bless her

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