Wine table of winding canal-an exciting by-product of watching TV!这是一个看电视看出来的曲水流觞桌!丨Liziqi Channel

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Yes, that’s the wine table of winding canal flashing across the end of the last video!
Haven’t ever thought I’d make a table out of a bed!
I was binge-watching when I spotted such a table in a scene, and then made an improved version on my own.
It was hard work but ended up perfect!
As it turns out, there’s plenty to learn if you watch TV with your elderlies at home.

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  • Erwin yu
    Erwin yuJam Yang lalu

    This is so beautiful…(sa’ngin i’nyen)

  • Mae Auditore
    Mae AuditoreJam Yang lalu

    With 15 million subscribers i think she can build a better house/ kitchen. But she stayed still in that house. Humble indeed. Such a contrast with the kardashians jenner

  • Laisya Syi'ar
    Laisya Syi'ar2 jam yang lalu

    the amount of talent in those hands is immeasurable, my day has completely brightened up

  • Нина Бареева
    Нина Бареева2 jam yang lalu

    Мне очень нравится прекрасная принцесса, она такая хозяйственная и сама себе плотник и столяр. НО КОГДА ЖЕ ПОЯВИТСЯ ПРЕКРАСНЫЙ ПРИНЦ??????? А съёмки высшего уровня, всё очень красиво снято.

  • Ken Li
    Ken Li2 jam yang lalu

    When she calls her grandma over to look, she literally just says "grandma, come look at this good thing", completely downplaying her creation. Very humble.

  • Tracy Heath
    Tracy Heath2 jam yang lalu

    That is pretty it.

  • Seang Heng99
    Seang Heng992 jam yang lalu

    10M My favourite IDmilk Thanks ❤️❤️

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    A. M.2 jam yang lalu

    Grande civilisation celle qui peut produire des réalisations si raffinées. J’admire.

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    Me encanta ver sus video siempre los veo x Facebook y ahora lo encuentro en IDmilk:)

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    Que maravilla

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    People reduce their conscience to silence by distorting the truth. How pathetic. They will justify and corrupt the truth so that they can continue to sin in peace. People don't really care who they are and why they exist, but they live to prove to the world that they are the best. How absurd. If you want to change your life, you will. You will repent, and by faith in His sacrifice you will submit to the Lord Jesus and follow Him all your life. If you want to be free, this is the way: Jesus the Messiah. If you want to destroy yourself, then continue to love sin and ignore the gospel of Christ to the death.

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    I love you very much 💗

    KUDA MERAH KL3 jam yang lalu

    Storngest women in the world i haven’t seen of all time ♥️ peace from Malaysia liziqi 🇲🇾💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

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    ur local bitXX3 jam yang lalu

    So this girl is the chinese girl who wrote kimchi is a chinese food in another vid?

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    Khanny Nolasco3 jam yang lalu

    She is an epitome of a real disney princess 💗💗💗💗💗💗

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    مافي حدا عربي هون لا تحسسوني اني وحيد

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    Good 💞👍💕 my friend

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    What music background of this video ? please.

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    Karen Valdivieso5 jam yang lalu

    Liziqi is an amazing woman!!!! I love watching her videos. I want to know what she uses to make all these dishes. I can assume some by watching but the others, I have no idea.

  • Mary Rose Borabo
    Mary Rose Borabo5 jam yang lalu

    I admired liziqi💗💗💗 so Much very creative😍😍😍😍God Bless🙏🙏

  • Becky Marrufo
    Becky Marrufo5 jam yang lalu

    This table was beyond words... You took the cake and had your ice cream too!!! WOW, and again, you never cease to amaze us all!!! I love how the camera guy cought little bits of your cat. Haha I love your dress its beautiful! Grama always very happy with a big happy smile on her face. You guys be safe and god bless! #LiziqiisQueen 😊❤

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    China has made the whole world an enemy, how are you going to live in the future?

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